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The Bulgari Eyewear is on display at both CHURCHLANDS OPTICAL and CLAREMONT OPTICAL.

The brand of Bulgari was originally founded in Rome in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari. Known for stylistic audacity and a penchant for colour, Bulgari pieces are immediately recognizable. The brand celebrated its 130th Anniversary in 2014, and since it’s inception has become one of the most prestigious names in luxury fashion. Characterised by classic shapes and geometrical designs, the artistic collection is an eye-catching depiction of 2,700 years of Greek and Roman history.​

When the name Bulgari comes to mind, so too does style, fashion, elegance and beauty. The designs of Bulgari are truly unique and reflect beauty and femininity. Bulgari is designed with alluring exuberance, sophisticated urban essence and elegant charm, all with a distinctive appeal. It truly is jewellery for your eyes.

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