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The Face a Face eyewear optical and sunglasses range are available at CHURCHLANDS OPTICAL and CLAREMONT OPTICAL, both stores are PREMIER STOCKISTS.


CHURCHLANDS OPTICAL and CLAREMONT OPTICAL have the largest Face a Face collections in Australia.  It is an amazing experience to stand and stare at a whole board of the most wonderful and colourful eyewear available.

Fashioned in 1995 in France, Face a Face eyewear was created with the intention to shake up the industry by creating frames that not only challenge current fashions with their retro style, but also scream creativity and character. Each and every Face a Face collection has its own personality and temperament. Extracting vision from Modern Art, architecture and contemporary designs, each handcrafted frame creates a new perspective on fashionable eyewear with bright colours, varying shapes, remarkable materials and captivating textures.

The Face a Face range will help you to express your personality with their creative designs, interesting shapes and bold colours.

The frames speak for themselves. Come into the store to see for yourself!

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