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Contact Lenses. 

Our Optometrist aims to develop an understanding of your needs and preferences for contact lenses to advise and prescribe the most convenient, hygienic and cost effective options for you. We have a range of contact lenses available from various suppliers, with Daily, Fortnightly and Monthly options.


We understand that this is usually the most daunting part of a new venture in trying contact lenses. Therefore, our optometrist takes plenty of time to teach each and every patient the correct methods of inserting a removing your contact lenses. Even if you have worn contact lenses before, and simply want a ‘refresher course’, our Optometrist is more than happy to assist. Our aim is to make sure your eyes remain healthy during the use of contact lenses.


Many people do not realise there is a cleaning and care regime with contact lenses. If you would like to consider a Fortnightly or Monthly contact lens, our Optometrist will go through all the handling, cleaning and care instructions with you during a detailed contact lens consultation.


Daily contact lenses require no cleaning or disinfecting as you wear them once and simply discard them when you are done. The next time you want to wear them, you simply open a fresh pair. Even though the Daily contact lenses require no solution, you should always have some Saline handy as there may be times where you need to rinse them (e.g. if you drop a lens on the counter). Always make sure you use an approved Saline solution and never tap water. Our optometrist will happily make a recommendation.


Some people can experience dryness of the eyes while using contact lenses. This can be a result of dehydration caused by different environments (e.g. air-conditioning or extensive computer use). To combat this issue, we can offer you preservative free eye drops which can be used in conjunction with the contact lenses to re-moisten your eyes and make contact lens wear more comfortable.

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