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Children's Vision.

As part of your child's regular health checks it is recommended to get their eyes tested every 12 to 18 months; even if things seem fine. Often young children may not understand the difference between how they see and how they should be seeing. That is where we come in!

Our Optometrist has a strong focus on picking up vision problems in young children at the earliest possible stage in order to treat and manage any emerging conditions. This includes vision corrections to encourage optimum learning capabilities.

The best possible vision a child can have contributes to their academic success; after all, the easier it is to read a word, the easier it is to learn it.

Our focus is on your child's eye health, therefore your child's sight test will always be bulk billed to Medicare at our practices.

child wearing glasses
Signs and Symptoms of Learning-Related Vision Problems

- rubs eyes frequently

- squints

- closes or covers one eye

- able to read for only short amounts of time

- poor reading comprehension

- holding things very close

- says eyes are sore

- gets headaches

- moves head excessively when reading

- frequently loses place / skips lines when reading

- short attention span

- mistakes words with similar beginnings

- difficulty recognising letters, words or shapes

- can't stay on the lines when writing

- poor judgment of depth

- turning of eye - in, out, up or down

- unable to distinguish colours

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