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LINDBERG Spirit glasses high fashion model

The LINDBERG spirit range is displayed at Churchlands OpticalHave you ever wanted to have a frame that is customised specifically for you? The LINDBERG Spirit range allows for just that! When purchasing a LINDBERG Spirit, we begin by choosing the design of the temple/arm. We showcase a range of intricate designs constructed from either medical-grade titanium or high quality acetate.


Once the temple design has been chosen, we then move on to the colour. LINDBERG offer a large range of colour choices including matte, polished and textured designs. Lastly, we choose a lens shape. We offer a large selection of lens shapes suitable for all types of prescriptions and face shapes. Once all elements are chosen, we construct a model of your new spectacles in store, allowing you to see exactly what your finished product will look like.

What makes LINDBERG frames unique?

  • Size, colour and shape of all frames can be customised

  • 72 international design awards

  • Minimalistic design without the need for screws, rivets or welds

  • 3 distinct designs; titanium wire, titanium plate or acetate

  • Ultralight rimless design – only approx. 1.9grams

Appointed to the Royal Danish Court, LINDBERG blends minimalist style with elegant designs with an unrivalled quality.

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