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Eye Examination.

Your eye health is of utmost importance to us here at Churchlands Optical. It’s essential to have your eyes checked regularly, therefore we will always Bulk Bill your eye examination under Medicare. During your consultation, the Optometrist will tailor the eye test to your specific needs. We aim to not only monitor any pre-existing conditions, but to also develop a detailed understanding of your vision requirements so we are able to prescribe you with the most suitable and practical prescription lenses.


With a strong focus on your eye health, we offer ALL comprehensive health checks including glaucoma, cataract and macular degeneration screening, Visual Field analysis and Digital Retinal Photography covered in your Bulk Billed eye examination. This means that you can have the most thorough and technologically up-to-date screening with no out of pocket expense.

Following your eye testing, our qualified staff are more than happy to assist you with choosing a frame that compliments your look. With the wide range of brands and styles that we stock, we are bound to find the right frame for you!

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