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CHURCHLANDS OPTICAL has around 40 pieces of Lightec eyewear on display.

The collection is also available at CLAREMONT OPTICAL.


Another part of the Morel family, Lightec is an amalgamation of lightness and technology resulting in pure comfort. The frames are made entirely of stainless steel, with exclusive screw-less flex-hinge system. With materials such as polyurethane rubber, carbon fibre and injected TR90, the Lightec frames are deceivingly light. Injecting the plastic models create a thin and perfectly structured lightweight front while still incorporating the coloured plastic look. The high-tech construction of composite carbon fibres or glass fibre materials combined with the polyurethane allow the frames to be easily adjusted as they are flexible and robust. This material is also kind to the skin, allowing comfort for all skin types.


What makes Lightec unique:

  • Lightweight

  • Lack of screws – special hinge system

  • Stainless steel is tough and fully corrosion resistant

  • All sunglasses fitted with category 3 polarised lenses

lightec designer glasses
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