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maui jim designer glasses people on boat

The Maui Jim collection is available at all three of our locations. 



American-based manufacturer Maui Jim produce a variety of sports and fashion sunglasses available with prescription lenses and progressive lenses. Majority of their collections are marketed with Oceanic and Hawaiian themes as the company was originally launched in Maui. The complex technology of Maui Jim lenses features several layers of polarisation to block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays and 99.9% of glare – providing optimum sun protection. The waterproof and oleophobic coatings repel grease, making the lenses perfect for water sports and active lifestyles. Each Maui Jim sunglass comes with scratch resistant, anti-reflective coatings preventing the light reflecting on the lenses. With 3 gradient coatings, 4 lens colours and 4 different lens materials there is guaranteed to be a lens for every activity. The classic styles and high-tech lenses are 100% functional and 100% aesthetical therefore making them desirable fashion.


What makes Maui Jim unique:

  • 125 different styles

  • Optimum sun protection – developed in an environment surrounded by sun, surf and sand

  • Best sunglass company 2015/2016 – Vision Monday and 20/20 magazine’s EyeVote Reader’s Choice Award

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