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The ic!berlin collection is on display at CHURCHLANDS OPTICAL.

The collection is also available at CLAREMONT OPTICAL.


Each pair of ic!berlin frames are all luxury products hand-finished in Berlin. The company have designed the manufacturing process this way to guarantee the highest degree of quality in a frame that is designed to last for the long term. This quality is evident when you simply hold a pair of ic!berlin frames. They are constructed from single sheets of 0.5mm raw stainless steel, with stability and flexibility moulded in the frames. The lack of screws, soldering and welding ensure that the frames are a true piece of art.


What makes ic!berlin so unique:

  • 11-28grams in weight

  • Virtually indestructible – the frames are designed to come apart and reassemble with ease

  • Inclination hinge enables you to change the angle of the frame

  • Specialised T-anchor allows for extra strength

  • Solely produced in Germany

  • Rust-proof material

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