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tag heuer glasses high fashion designer

There are only select TAG Heuer frames available at CHURCHLANDS OPTICAL.


There is a much larger range on display at our other location, CLAREMONT OPTICAL - including rimless, full rim and sun.

Originally created as a watch company, TAG Heuer have passed down their heritage and quality directly to their eyewear collection. Made in France, the TAG Heuer collection incorporate ergonomic engineering, superior materials and remarkable quality. With seamless aesthetics and invisible hinges, these frames are designed for optimal comfort, lightness and style. TAG Heuer eyewear are generally celebrated for their rimless eyewear designs, but also offer a range of acetate frames as well as sunglasses.

Each model is branded by a unique serial number registered with the TAG Heuer company. Therefore, the manufacturer warranty is acknowledged worldwide.

If you are interested in RIMLESS eyewear, you may also wish to consider:

  1. LINDBERG eyewear range - which are on display at CHURCHLANDS OPTICAL

  2. Silhouette eyewear range – which are on display at THE EYE STATION

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